All my works are performed manually

Handmade Bags and Accessories Bracelet wallet

Hi my name is Olga, alias Helga rusha comes from my name and maiden name. I am a designer and graduated from the Academy of Design in my favorite city of Kharkov, Ukraine. I am married and I have a wonderful little boy.

When I left my day job as Fake handbagsmerchant Designer Bags a designer in the company for that would educate his young son I have a question how to Replica Bags implement their creative energy. I created unusual accessories, clutches and jewelry as gifts for themselves and their friends and I noticed that my Handbags Replica wanting to have things become more Replica Handbags and more. And so I found my niche in creating beautiful accessories for women and opened his small shop on Etsy 🙂

All the creative work I am doing myself, sometimes I help my mom Joan, she is Wholesale Replica Bags a professional seamstress and helps me to make patterns for the products. My Replica Bags Wholesale husband cheap replica handbags often tells me good ideas and my seven year old son supports positive mood, thanks to Designer Fake Bags them for that 🙂 And also I want to say thank you to our customers, thanks to you I improving its work and find new solutions.

In work on the exterior trim homesite handbags for use mainly Replica Designer Handbags soft natural leather, I love to work with her because she is nice to use and more durable. For some models, using fabrics and KnockOff Handbags laces. Interior trim replica handbags online is made of the wholesale replica designer handbags (velvet, satin, lining fabric, and others.) There are replica handbags china models that are made of natural linen and openwork knitted jersey, trying to give a choice of color, so I can make one model in several color versions.

I hope the information was helpful to you. Thank you for your attention, all success and have a high quality replica handbags great day 😉

Welcome to my shop!

Here you will find Fake Handbags many interesting things for you. All my works are performed manually. I use only quality materials. Be sure you get quality work. All products are not waterproof, so it is strongly recommended to avoid direct contact with water (like swimming or bathing)

Real colors may slightly differ from one monitor to another, as it depends on specific monitor settings.

Each item in our store is purse replica handbags made replica Purse to order for you. It takes up to 5 days to be shipped.

You are not pleased with items:

If you are not satisfied with your items / service for any reason, please aaa replica designer handbags contact us with the problem before leaving a feedback.

We do our best to Designer Replica Bags solve the problem in reasonable for you way.

Returns and exchanges:

Time frame: 2 weeks after you have received the package items should be shipped back only to us within that time frame, not delivered.

Don want to wait? Send us the scan or photo of shipping receipt of the package we proceed you return / exchange immediate.

For the USA : 2 3 weeks

Australia : 15 60 days

After sending the order I send a message to an e mail with track parcel number. The parcel can be tracked through the postal website of your country. Please allow 2 4 days for the package to start tracking.

Please, pay attention, that Estimated Delivery Date is not a guarantee, but most likely you receive your order in that time frame.

Your package will be shipped within 1 3 days after cleared payment for most items. For works on demand, departure is described in Listing or individually (this is roughly in the range 2 7 days).

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