Being young is no excuse for ignoring medical tests

I’ve learnt to ask questions and make my own choices, and most of all, I’ve learnt to ignore doctors when they use my age as an excuse for anything. Being young is no excuse for ignoring medical tests. And yes, it may be extremely rare to get cancer in your 20s, but it’s not impossible..

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Does the Lymphatic System Carry Fat Soluble Vitamins? The Importance of Vitamins To Your Body (7/8)Your lymphatic system is a network of ducts, vessels, nodes and organs that produce and transport lymph, a clear, yellowish fluid containing white blood cells, from your body tissues to your bloodstream. It also transports fat soluble vitamins, including A, D, E and K. After you eat, fat soluble vitamins are absorbed into fat globules that travel through your lymphatic system to your small intestine and into circulating blood.

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