broncos’ late emphasis on run

broncos’ late emphasis on run game meant for specific playoff rematches

It is not the NFL fault that these past several months in America have been filled with tragic and troubling episodes of police killing civilians and civilians killing police. But in a league where 68 percent of the work force is African American and most of the victims are African America, it is hardly unreasonable to expect that the players will have opinions or emotional responses to those episodes. It is definitely not unreasonable for the NFL commissioner to weigh in on those responses..

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Four teams did not have first round picks, but stepped up in the second round to start filling their needs. Tampa Bay was the first of the four to pick, going for defensive back Johnthan Banks of Mississippi State at No. 43 overall. “He never really pulls me aside just because I go straight to him,” Werner said. “He’s a great guy and just a great mentor and just a great person. So I can go over to him and talk to him any time, and it’s a lot of fun.

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