Bush—and so, too have the number of candidates who are

The Problem With the Lack of Black Judges in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia

Why Aren't There More Black Federal Canada Goose sale Judges in Alabama, Florida, and canada goose clearance sale canada goose outlet Georgia? Canada Goose Jackets John Bazemore/Associated Press Most of the conversation about President Barack Obama's canada goose clearance judicial nominations buy canada goose jacket these days focuses on the unprecedented Republican push to canada goose coats block even those canada goose deals candidates with meticulous professional and personal qualifications. Although Canada Goose Coats On Sale there canada goose coats on sale are still regrettable incidents of "false equivalence" in the reporting of now-routine GOP filibusters of these nominees, there seems to be a growing consensus that the tactic https://www.forcanadagoose.ru in the Senate is as nihilistic as was the House's Canada Goose Parka government shutdown: You can't have a rule of law without enough judges.Another theme that has attracted some attention about judicial nominations, a counter-theme canada goose replica you could call it, posits canada goose that the cheap Canada Goose White House initially did a poor job of quickly and efficiently Canada Goose online nominating judicial candidates. There is no doubt that this was true—but that it was more true during the president's first term than it is today. The pace Canada Goose Outlet of these nominations has picked up—at last surpassing the pace of George W. Bush—and so, too have the number of candidates who are persons of canada goose black friday sale color. Obama now is nominating women, and minorities, at a pace almost exactly double that of his immediate predecessor. It's quite laudable.But canadian goose jacket this column isn't about either one of those things. It's about the dismal record this president has in successfully nominating Black men and women to the federal courts in three states in the Deep South—Florida, Georgia and canada goose store Alabama—which have significant minority populations that are grossly underrepresented on the buy canada goose jacket cheap federal benches there. Coming from a president who has Canada Goose Online nominated more women and candidates of color than any of his predecessors, this is both surprising and disappointing.

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