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cheap Canada Goose God, I canada goose clearance got out two years ago and I cannot for the life of me shake my aggresive posturing. Thats all prison is, being hyper vigilant, and I would argue worse cheap Canada Goose yet, always appearing indifferent. Like you could be kickin it canada goose with your “friends,” laughing, watching tv, but then even the slightest miss phrasing of something or a sudden movement will shift the whole mood of the room at a drop of a dime. So whatever emotion you display has to be instantly shut off and on a moments notice you have to be and suited. I would return to my unit on occasion and there would canada goose factory sale be blood smeared on the walls from a fight I missed. canada goose outlet store You cheap canada goose uk didnt look at it. Eyes buy canada goose jacket cheap forward, indifferent. Emotion is weakness, and Canada Goose online though I was secretly panicing, I had to bury and put on as a cold motherfucker. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose black friday sale I got in one fight. We beat the shit out of canada goose store eachother in the gym canada goose coats area and if you judged by other peoples responses, it was like canada goose uk outlet nothing was happening at all. Many quietly Canada Goose Coats On Sale walked away, while others just stood there emotionless. If uk canada goose it had gone south Canada Goose Outlet for me I could have been killed in front of 250 people, and nobody would have said or done jack shit. That is true loneliness the which of like few people in the first world truly understand. Fuck, if I got a bad Canada Goose Jackets fever in bed at night (which I did several times) even though there were six bunks in my cramped cell, I could have died Canada Goose sale in my sleep and the guards would have only noticed at count. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose sale There were 12 guards on duty for canada goose clearance sale 1500 inmates. think about that. If someone wanted to fuck with you, you be hamburger meet before a guard showed up. So thats the way it was. High tension all the time, mad respect for everyone, stay jacked as fuck and walk shoulders straight on the yard. In the weight area, Ive seen John Cena looking swastika tatted aryan motherfuckers say please and thank you to for buy canada goose jacket weights to Terry Crews looking black power guys and they canadian goose jacket said the same back. That simple. Your fortune is on your back and in the words you speak. Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats on sale Suprisingly, it equated to a suprisingly smooth system. uk canada goose outlet Once you earned your bones (respect) on compound you just went through life like a robot and canada goose uk black friday there was little friction, because everyone knew the smallest spark Canada Goose Online could ignite an inferno. So many stories I could tell. but the point is that raw genuine brute value has no currency in the real world. People will scoff at you that are the size of your thigh. i get cut off in line at the groccery store. people mean mug from accross the room. All that shit is liable to get you hurt in prison, Canada Goose Parka and its hard to let go of this mentality once your out. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose coats I am an educated white kid from a rural area, and I was thrown into a metropolitan prison. I canada goose black friday sale didnt have an ounce of aggresion in me before. And my wife, who has stuck by my side through it all, says Im as gentle and kind as before, but my prisom manuerisms stick around nonetheless. Shes always telling me not to make such strong eye contact with people, not to cross my arms all the time. ugh. it is subliminal and Im getting better at it but its been hard as hell to shake. Moral of the story, dont go to prison kids, because your only one poor decision away. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Parka Edit: To all my brothers and sisters, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. It this kind of response that kept me going when I was down. From friends, family, canada goose uk shop and all the beautiful people I met who were locked away for beachcottage this bullshit war on drugs. We are people still, and for me, out of darkness, I found the greatest gift of all. canada goose coats on sale conviction. Conviction to be better, smarter, stronger and kinder. I hope the message can be resonated without having people walk my same path. Thank you for the gold! And to all those who have specific questions, I will reply when I have more time for passionate answers! Love you all Canada Goose Parka.

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