I just gave you 2,000 dollars

It’s like, hey, I just gave you 2,000 dollars worth of clothing, and I know you’re going to sell it for 4,000, and I’m only walking out with like a 500 dollar gift certificate. But it’s a great way to get rid of pieces. A lot of consignment shops, whatever they have leftover at the end of the season they’ll give it out to shelters..

Here is a look at an exploded diagram to show off the inside of theNVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. You see a notebook style cooler for the Tegra X1 processor, so no this is not a fanless passively cooled device as it does have a cooling fan inside that is very quiet. You can also make out the 2.5 inch storage drive that is used on the SHIELD Pro 500GB Android TV models..

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