JC I told Seb I would wear the clown avatar

JC I told Seb I would wear the clown avatar for him because of his with prime. I constantly get criticized for my observations of Baalke, but my feelings are based on my conviction that the 49ers cannot regain their playoff glory until he is gone. Baalke is the second coming of Joe Thomas.

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I by no means discounting Bauta. I liked what I saw of him in the G Day game and he obviously smart and a hard worker. The scuttlebutt out of Athens is that Ramsey is the leader,cheap jerseys but I wouldn be at all shocked to see Bauta battling with him down to the wire for the starter job in August.

Score is indicative of what we can do when everyone comes out to training and plays the way they should, Dawes said. Got a good game plan where we move ball wide and crash through the outside backs with our speed. It worked out really well that game and now, it just fine tuning the machine.

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