Marine worms, comb jellies, and starfish survive in these

The floating “arms” of the anemones can be found in tide pools and in deeper parts of the Pacific, enticing ocean fish and other food sources with their flowery spikes. Marine worms, comb jellies, and starfish survive in these waters as well. Mollusks such as clams, octopi and their relatives exist throughout the watery environment.

Elaine Garness of Toronto, Ontario, dressed in a horse costume Dec. 7, 1999, in Jackson, Miss., carries a sign for lunchtime strollers to read, citing the manufacturing of Premarin, a menopause drug, causes injury to pregnant mares. Garness and Colleen O’Brien, both with PETA Replica Hermes Birkin Handbags, displayed bottles containing “Tinkle”, a visual display of a urine like liquid to signify the waste taken from pregnant mares and used in the making of the menopause drug.

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