Most of the popular psychotropic drugs used on children

When the general population hears the word scoliosis Prada Outlet Cheap Prada handbags, the visualization of a hump backed, crooked and painful body usually comes to mind. It is, indeed, a frightening experience when parents receive a call from the school nurse informing them that a scoliotic “deformity” has been exposed during their child’s routine screening exam. Ten in every two hundred children develop scoliosis among the ages of 10 and 15.

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Fake Prada Handbags Modern psychiatry has been bought out by Big Pharma, you see, and as visually described in this cartoon Prada Outlet Bags, psychiatry is the funnel through which countless children are diagnosed with utterly fictitious diseases like ADHD, then put on dangerous drugs sold under a monopoly market at profiteering markups. The real victims in all this are, of course, the children who suffer serious long term harm from the ongoing consumption of such drugs. Most of the popular psychotropic drugs used on children, for example, also cause blood sugar metabolism disorders that can promote type 2 diabetes. Fake Prada Handbags

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