“Residents of McGehan Close and next door Delphine Close said

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fake oakley sunglasses McGehan Close is a street where “helplessness is ingrained, a dead end, a place where rungs on the social ladder have been removed”, according to National Party leader John Key.In the same park replica oakley sunglasses, Antonina Usumanu’s two boys aged 12 and 9 have both been cut by broken bottles left by drunken youths. One boy needed 11 stitches in his leg.A few doors away https://www.oakleyreal.com/, a Somali refugee who was too scared to give his name watched from an upstairs window as a group of youths put newspaper over the windscreens of two cars outside his house in the middle of the night, apparently planning to smash them.He didn’t call the police because the youths knew he had seen them.”They might think we called the police on them and because of that they might react next time and really take it out on us.”Residents of McGehan Close and next door Delphine Close said Mr Key was right to cite their neighbourhood as an example of areas terrorised by youth gangs.In his “state of the nation” speech yesterday, Mr Key said there were “streets in our country where helplessness has become ingrained. Dead ends for those who live in them. fake oakley sunglasses

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