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Date Added: August 13, 2006 or click on the image | Handbag Trend Watch

News: Some of you may have noticed the new RSS feeder images by every Category and Designer listed. It only took a long hour for my boyfriend to code it up – very glad, best hour spent. So now if you only want to be notified when I post about lets say, ‘Chloe’, or ‘Designer Deals’, or ‘Prada’, ect, or even if you are a guy who only cares about ‘Man Bags’, or a new mom who only cares about ‘Baby’ designer stuff, or fake lv bags a glamorous bagista who loves to ‘Travel’ in style, or if you only come for Louis Vuitton Monogram Favorite PM the ‘Contests’ and free stuff – then you will be alerted. Also over in the bag forum I added it there as well replica handbag, just click the little icon.

Current Giveaways both sponsored replica louis vuitton purse by me:

Bag Bliss Giveaways: My thank you to all of my beloved purse loving readers Free Louis Vuitton Wapity Case.

tBF Giveaway: A free gift for every for tBF members that hit 200 posts

Stay tuned for more giveaways, some sponsored by me and some sponsored by other awesome people. Also keep coming back to check out the updates. I have some huge projects louis vuitton replica purses in store that I have planning for some time.

Enjoy your weekend,

xoxo Jennifer

For more info on RSS then Check out Louis Vuitton Monogram Metis Pochette the purse post in The Bag Forum

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