Still early in the first half

Still early in the first half, Paul Scholes and Claude Makelele go for a ball and clash heads. Scholes is down, bleeding in his hands, while Makelele slowly makes his way to his feet. Both players refuse to go out of the game as they know its magnitude.

Don know all the details. But I know there no money coming directly into my pocket. Settlement isn limited to the roughly 4,500 players named in the suit but to the 18,000 wholesale nfl jerseys retired players. Written and performed by students at Los Prietos Boys Camp in Santa Barbara, WHAT IF? explores issues facing today’s youth and asks audiences to imagine a different world. The production is the culmination of Out For Good workshops by Poetic Justice Project at Los Prietos Boys Camp. The workshops, led by Poetic Justice Project artists and mentors, are supported by funding from Left Tilt and the Fund for Santa Barbara.

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