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hermes replica She was found tied up inside a rarely used machine shed by employees at an industrial yard.DNA evidence questioned at 1st day of retrialLawyer argues later kidnapping was ‘strikingly similar’Parker was responsible for escorting the girl’s frozen body to Seven Oaks General Hospital in Winnipeg and attending the autopsy.It was also his duty to photograph her autopsy and “seize” and “bag” any items turned over by the medical examiner which would later become police exhibits.On Wednesday morning the retrial’s third day Parker testified he woke up two weeks ago realizing he did not in fact “bag” the twine used to tie up Candace but in fact placed it in a box that had been previously used to store film.”Quite honestly, what was bothering me the most is I was going over transcripts over previous testimony [and asking myself], ‘Was I absolutely sure?,'” Parker said, referring to previous testimony that he would have bagged the twine.He settled on the fact that he in fact put it in a photograph box, which he said was “very common” practice at the time.During cross examination, Grant’s defence lawyer questioned Parker on the accuracy of his police notes and labelling of exhibits at the time of the investigation, but did not specifically challenge him on placing the twine in a box rather than a bag.The twine turned out to contain evidence crucial to laying charges against Grant. A forensic specialist called on by the Crown linked the DNA to Grant and said there was a one in 50 million chance it belonged to anyone other than the accused.A jury found Grant guilty of second degree murder in 2011. Two years later, a Manitoba Court of Appeal judge ordered a retrial because evidence about a possible “third party suspect” was withheld from jurors during the first trial.The Crown asked Parker Wednesday why he recalled putting the twine in a box 32 years later hermes replica.

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