They were a single piece of steam bent wood and metal wire

Also, if you wondering why this is important, try telling someone who likes JRPGs and not WRPGs to play Dragon Dogma I bet they won like it. The genres are very different, it important that you not confuse people by telling them a game is a genre it isn Telling someone a game is a JRPG implies that the gameplay is similar to Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, so if it feels like Skyrim they be disappointed. Similarly, telling someone a game is a WRPG implies the gameplay is more like Skyrim or Dragon Age, so if they find turn based combat and a linear story they likewise be disappointed.

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. Ceiling fan
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.Trockets and repairs on sockets in general
.Lighting systems

….. CCTV

.Installation of cameras in residences and trades

Maintenance and repair in systems already
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