Those came when Hays was in jail in Kentucky and in prison in

The International Bowl featuring 44 of the nation’s top senior football players (and one junior) returns to Austin, on National Signing Day and CBS Sports Network will broadcast the game and all its festivities. National Team led by highly successful St. Xavier (Cincinnati) coach Steve Specht against an International team made up of players and coaches from 20 countries.

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cheap jerseys By ANDREW WELSH HUGGINSCOLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) An 82 year old man who was indicted, but never prosecuted, in the nonfatal shooting of an Ohio police officer almost 45 years ago cannot be tried now, a judge ruled Thursday.The case against Charles Hays fell through the cracks, and prosecutors acknowledged the state neglected the case. But they said he never demanded a speedy trial.Franklin County Judge Guy Reece dismissed the case Thursday, saying Ohio had at least two opportunities over the past four decades to bring Hays back for trial.Those came when Hays was in jail in Kentucky and in prison in Connecticut on charges unrelated to the 1972 shooting of Columbus officer Niki “Nick” Cooper.A speedy trial is a constitutional right, the judge said as he announced his decision.”Not only is it important for the defendant, but it also important for society as a whole to have a criminal case resolved in a timely manner,” Reece said.Cooper was shot in the left arm in March 1972 when he and his partner interrupted a burglary. Cooper never regained full use of the injured limb, and he died just over three years ago at 71.Hays was shot twice by Cooper and left a paraplegic, according to court records.After Cooper died, an investigation by one of his daughters, Lori Cooper, brought the still open case to prosecutors attention cheap jerseys.

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