With no time to alter the configuration

With no time to alter the configuration of the field, the schools agreed to play the game the way kids have been doing it in the backyard for years. “OK, we’ll get grounded if we trample Mrs. Smith’s flowerbeds again, and Dad is still taking money out of my allowance to pay for that window I broke.

Unfortunately, most bikes and components are designed for riders under 225 pounds. This, says Joan Denizot, founder of Zize Bikes, is a huge problem. A self described larger rider, Denizot started her company when she couldn’t find a bike built to hold her weight.

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Implementing this type of procedure in any organization can of course meet with resistance from employees, said Kahneman. “You have to do it with a light touch, because otherwise people will hate you and not comply. But if you do it in a way that they view as helping them perform their tasks, it’s not too bad.” In his experience, he said, if you put effort into guiding people to look at information in a particular way, they actually find that it helps them do a good job.

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